The haunted house? I won't be able to sleep at night.

This is refreshing.


I'm currently located in Boston.

Damone's taste in music is similar to mine.

Giovanni folded the newspaper and put it under his arm.

I've come to take you home.

I'll check on him.

I saw her today.

Each member was called upon.

Tanaka couldn't explain it.

I'll tell Siping you asked about him.

I wonder how that happened.

Caleb walked out to his office carrying a couple of boxes.


Were you surprised to see them?


I've never seen Ravi do what you say he always does.

Waiter, the check please.

Through the internet, we are now able to acquaint ourselves, deeply and in detail, with the mental activities of even the furthest people on the planet.

You've given me nothing to believe in.

Which one should I use?

What time will the plane depart?

It is generally believed that Buddhism first came to China in 67 A.D. during the reign of Emperor Mingdi of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

Alfred is deaf and mute.

Roger is now staying at his uncle's house.

Though I had never met Jim, I could pick him out right away.

The star system Alpha Centauri has a planet called Alpha Centauri Bb.

Where did Leif live when he was a kid?

I'm sure that my friend already heard about this.

Gerard looked at the half-open door and wondered what was on the other side.

I didn't agree to meet her.

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Why would you say such horrible things?

I failed the exam.

The optimal order is not 1-2-3 but 3-1-2.

Margot seemed nervous.

It cost us a pretty penny to fix the car.


Why would Herve want to impress me?

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The bridge will take months longer to build and cost millions of dollars more than first estimated.

When I give an order I would like it to be executed!

Roberta hasn't picked up anything.

I killed the mice.

I tried to convince her, but without success.

Turn off the TV.

I'll pay for everything.

A decision has been made.

That's not annoying to me.


Hotta learns pretty fast.

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I've never been more proud.

Never read any book that is not a year old.

I'm looking for a gym suit for my sister.

Have you written your report?

What shoes do you like?

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He was brimming over with hope.

Molly and I went to the cinema.

Fritz had his fortune told.

Are you through with the book?

Neal doesn't seem to know very much about us.

All mammals have seven cervical vertebrae.

You seem to have something else on your mind.

It's a bit intimidating.

He takes everything lightly.

I can't leave until I've found out how Saad is.

Ann paused a moment.


If a transnational corporation had invented Esperanto, it would be English.

Russ doesn't want to work here anymore.

All men are children, and of one family. The same tale sends them all to bed, and wakes them in the morning.

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Cloning of supermen in the military became the norm.

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What're you doing to her?

Piotr is funny.

She married him for his money.

All tragedies end with a death.

Helen isn't going to risk it.

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Floyd doesn't seem to understand why people don't like him.

She is brushing her hair.

How do you cook rice without starch?

I think Syun has never been to Boston.

Did you sign a contract?

He is absent from school because he is ill.

This isn't the time or the place.

Sedat wanted to talk to Mitchell, but he couldn't find her.

Let's call Bill up.


This radio is out of order.

I got good grades when I was in college.

Can we say "No" to America?


Why does it draw out lunch every day?

We have permission to be here.

They accept students like her.


Can you take over?

Do we have to get off the train at the border?

This is what the law says.

I wanted to know if you'd heard anything about what's going to be discussed at tomorrow's meeting.

Wait a second.

What have you done with my bag?

Price reflects demand.


That place's food is delicious and their prices are low. However, their location isn't good.


Nice seeing you, too.

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They arrived in New Delhi on July 9th.

I dirtied one.

My love for you is hard to explain.

Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Chances are Julius was right.

Carole is a bit crazy.

This game came out yesterday.

I'll do everything I can to protect you.

We used to be on the same team.


Men become more attractive from their thirties on.

Don't come near the bulldog in case it bites.

Suddenly unable to make up her mind, she didn't know what to do.

She just vanished with him.

They confirmed the importance of strengthening global precautions in order to prevent devastating losses.

Antonella looked like he was happy.

You've only got thirty seconds to explain yourself.


Manjeri accepted the challenge.


Who am I supposed to go with?

Tell me which one to choose.

Their plans have gone awry.

They arrived at the hotel.

Larry should resign.

He went to Tokyo for the purpose of getting a new job.

Everyone knows his name.

I've been here many times before.

It didn't take long for the news to get about- everyone's talking about it.

I need you to keep this for me.

Your chair is identical to mine.


I have not got the feel of the language.

She makes it a rule to read a newspaper after breakfast.

I want to sleep!

This is the money at your disposal.

I think Sandip could help you.

I didn't hear how many times the clock struck.

They aren't putting on shoes.

I was wondering if you might consent to an interview for my paper.

We cannot earn our bread with the present wages.


Martha used to sing in a punk rock band.

I was crazy about that boy.

Everybody must be subject to law.


I want you to show me what love is.

Piotr stretched out on a lounge chair besides the pool.

I didn't use to watch so much television.


I'll take my coffee black.


He looks nice.


I'm supposed to meet Ramiro.

He needs to make an accurate report of the case.

What happened last week?

I wonder what the secret ingredient is.

The large crowd roared in approval as Mark Knopfler played the first few bars of "Money for Nothing".

A four-year-old American tourist was disappointed to realize that, in fact, the Sichuan province is not entirely made of spicy beef, in spite of its famously piquant cuisine.

She's been feeling a little on edge recently.

Lou noticed a wedding ring on Meeks's finger.

I am English in that I eat biscuits.

Mr. Suzuki was giving a speech that afternoon.

Won't you take a chair?

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The foundation is bedded in concrete.

We made the decision together.

Violence is the last refuge of incompetence.

Franklin wanted to be a teacher.

I thought Collin and Jakob were busy.

Chemistry students will get it.

She knows how to brush her hair.

I collect every bit of information about food.

She's as busy as Nate.

My friend sent me a letter asking how I was.

Raghu was happy that his daughter drew him a picture and he thought about it all day.

I hear that you'll have a meeting today.

Her parents love me.

Would you mind if I ask you a personal question?

I don't know what's happening.

Their names were crossed off the list.

I think Loukas is relaxed.

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I've got to see them.

It's human nature.

He is thinking of going to sea.