His age didn't enter into our decision not to employ him.

If he had not worked hard, he would have failed the examination.

You can't let Gabriel get away with that.

I bought an old car.

The boy stuffed cake into his mouth.

There's a beautiful bridge over the pond.

Being must be felt. It can't be thought.

It went beautifully.

I can't go.

I used to dream about you coming to save me.

I am looking for a shop.


I saw the news.


It's something really embarrassing.

Did you find anything in the room?

Alfred sweats a lot.

The father had an outburst and screamed in the telephone, "come to the house immediately! Immediately! Immediately! Immediately!"

An old friend came to my house for a visit.


Atuqtuaq habitually speaks Inuktitut and speaks a bit of English.

Cathrin doesn't have the time.

How much is this T-shirt?

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How can you not like Helge?

"Let's speak in French" "I can't be stuffed."

You have to resign.


My sister has shoulder-length hair.

I had to read this three times before I understood what it meant.

Gerard seems worried.

It would take forever for me to explain everything.

You must do your best.

The pencil is not long.

This cable has a tremendous strength.

Please get off my property.

I've got this song stuck in my head for two days!

I have read every book in the library.

Duane pushed his way through the crowd.


This is a test sentence.


It's absurd never to admit your mistakes.

He was taken on by a large firm as a clerk.

Write an answer.


Everything has two sides: the good side and the bad side. Unfortunately, we usually see only one of them.

We agree with him.

Swamy talks with Brendan every day.

I'll lend you one if you like.

Ruth makes quite a bit of money.

I'll turn it over to them.

I can't find a job I like.

Please give an example of usage.

How well she cooks!

She laid the table for six.

Ro grabbed the gun away from Jwahar before she could kill herself.


Win is quick to learn.

We are a nation that stands for the rule of law.

Do you think it a bad thing?

Ukraine's glory has not yet perished, neither her freedom.

Once a habit has been acquired, it has almost compulsive power over us.

It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.

The medicine relieved my pain immediately.

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Luckily, Dick's father was not killed in the war.

Is it only about money?

It's dangerous to dive in shallow water.

I'd like to know more about what happened at today's meeting.

I work from 6am every morning in Central Park.

Vern is my brother.

It just doesn't seem possible.


Mat came all the way from Boston.

I'm sure Claudia would be willing to help.

"It's almost five." "What happens at five?" "You'll have to wait and see."

Living with her isn't easy.

They won't let her escape.

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Kimberly made Kamiya some cookies.


Four armed men held up the bank and escaped with $4 million.

Mayo doesn't remember where he parked his car.

Why did you lie to us?


It's hard to persuade Jonathan.

Moderate exercise is necessary to health.

It was a standoff.

Rabbits have long ears.

It doesn't make much sense.

I love you, Vickie.

She's young and adventurous.

Which year was your dog born?

I can't deal with this place.

I no longer need a loan.

They won't take her back.

I pulled my punches a little.

My forehead burned with fever.

Someone is standing behind the bushes taking pictures of us.

Disease and famine go together.

The world is changing more and more quickly.

I've found something amazing!

He's tall and fat, and he's always busy.

You'd better keep your money for a rainy day.


Does Kusum speak French fluently?


A cat is not a human being!

He can understand everything she is saying.

How's your boy doing?

Waiter! I need a knife.

The negotiations stepped into a crucial phase.


He unbuckled his belt.


Pass on, please, and do not obstruct the way.

What are we going to tell Raphael?

I haven't worn this in years.


It will not be long before spring comes.


Teri has denied the accusations.

I probably would've done the same thing that Ron did.

Clark would like to ask you a couple questions.

I love to see him smile.

Miltos isn't all that rich, is he?

Am I missing something here?

My future is closely bound up with the finances of my firm.

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I don't work today.


Please come home right away.

I was too fast.

I am a Spanish reporter.

It's neither here nor there.

You shouldn't trust anything Liz says.


He promised that he would treat John as his own son.


All we can do is wait.


Had I taken that plane, I would be dead by now.


Miki stopped shouting.

Her son is a jet pilot.

Andre can be such a jerk.

Listen and learn.

We saw a joyful sight.


She grilled a steak.

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It's very drafty in here.


You have no business doing it.

That man can't have committed suicide.

I know nothing about constellations. I can only recognize Orion and Cassiopeia. Oh, and the Big Dipper, too.


Could you pull over for a second?


It's OK to let your children see you cry.

Don't multi-post, idiot.

What I was looking for was right before my eyes.

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Gail would punch and kick his son for just any reason.

He is free to go there.

Jon is actually talking about himself.

In contrast to yesterday, it isn't hot at all today.

I know exactly what I'd want to do if I were Rafik.

See you in Boston.

There are also people who like spring better than autumn.

Are you suggesting that I am too young?

I want to talk about Vishal.

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You have plans, don't you?

I still don't understand you.

I entered a coffee shop.


He was panting.

I am pegging up my baby's clothes.

Above the moon, everything is eternal; below, there is nothing save mortality.


Irving is scheduled to appear in court October 20th.


Please visit as soon as you get into town.


Why would anyone want to swim in this river?

I saw a white dog jump over the fence.

I don't blame him for that.


This is the first time I've ever written a letter in French.

The room was dark.

Wade says he's rich.

Did you find my phone in the meeting room?

My band's playing tonight.

It's quiet. Too quiet.

It's too tight.

The soldiers fired.

He wants to be a Lego model designer when he grows up.