Calm down; he's just teasing you.

He thinks that blue is the most beautiful color.

Well, it's better than nothing.

Martha asked me to say hello to you.

Kylo just wanted to say thanks.

He blamed me for neglecting my duty.

I read his book.

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A piece of paper got stuck in the printer and, when I tried to remove it, it ripped.


We're sitting targets here. We need to find cover.


You study Chinese history.

I think that it's good and bad that throughout my life I will not be able to forget that event.

She worked hard in behalf of her family.

Gary abandoned me.

A number of times the vending machine didn't give any change.


Did you feel the earthquake last night?

Having failed several times, he succeeded at last.

She has a lot of friends here.

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She could not keep back a smile.

You must bring home to him the importance of the matter.

You're gonna get what you deserve.

He slipped into the bad habit again.

Have you seen me dance?

I think I'm in love with you.

That's why we got divorced.

The dialing prefix for Bulgaria is +359.

Love is the answer for everything.


I have terrible pains.

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An illustration may make the point clear.

He is an interpreter in an international bank.

Pratt has a mahogany desk.

Nick didn't anticipate that happening.

You have to put more coal in the stove.

Would you mind taking a picture of us?

With great power comes great responsibility.

I was much impressed by his speech.

Teri painted the wall white.

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People are most angry when they feel they are being mocked. That's why those who are confident in themselves seldom become angry.


I'll never work for him.

Billie appears unhurt.

I first met him three years ago.

Mark also has a daughter.

He couldn't resist.


You swam in this lake, right?

We're headed in the right direction.

Miltos is just slightly taller than Jerome.

It's cold, so I want to eat something hot.

Who was sent to save the princess?


This tradition arose in China.

No one went to the station to see Kemal off when he left town.

It was too soft.

We should judge him according to his actions.

We might not need to pay the full price.

I wish the circumstances were different.

She needs to turn her life around.

Leanne has got blue eyes.

"Am I going to die?" "No, you are going to sleep."


The pagan nations of antiquity always had a tendency to worship the sun, under different names, as the giver of light and life. And their festivals in its honor took place near the winter solstice, the shortest day in the year, when the sun in December begins its upward course, thrilling men with the first distant promise of spring.

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Those computers? They're money down the drain.

How's your job?

They're very cheerful people.

I lost my wallet.

She has given me a shirt.

Do you really think Shuvra would help us?

They like jazz.

He conversed with those exchange students.

That's how it works.

Antonella's suitcase is on the bed.

Herbert is the kind of guy that argues for fun.

That's Taurus playing the piano.

I thought I could change your mind.


The single-minded way he gets on with his life is truly admirable.

Hurry up! If you don't, we'll be late.

It seemed like you were happy.


The new boy is distant because he does not know us.

He is licensed as a pharmacist.

The bus will take you to the center of the city.

Heinz clicked the remote to stop the video.

The English word "amoeba" and the Japanese word "tatoeba" don't rhyme.

Lynn didn't seem suspicious.

My siblings have left it to me to take care of my aging mother.

This is the life that I chose.

You're smarter than most of Kees's friends.

Are you guys talking about me?

He bade me go there.

I'm moving, so I need boxes for my things.

The train was so packed that I had to stand up during the whole trip.

I've narrowed the choices to four.

Have you ever got angry with Marika?

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Kimberly wanted to find out who the artist was who was playing violin in such a manner in an Arkansan forest.

And if I were gay, would that be a crime?

Rebel forces prepared to fight.

I'll make sure Pitawas finds out.

The snake sheds its skin.


I am perhaps a bit of a lone wolf.


She drank a sports drink.

What do you want to study?

Nobody liked my country.

You're definitely crazy.

Aya tends to carry things to extremes.

You could at least knock!

They have preserved the building.

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Come with us now.

Fortunately, nobody was injured.

When is my flight?

It all amounts to a lot of hard work.

Why was Benson imitating me?


I want to wish you the best.


The problem was I didn't know Manjeri couldn't swim.

Your opinion is very important to us.

I didn't tell you everything.

I'm sure Kerri would love to see you.

Taken by surprise, I couldn't think of anything to say.


Anatole may be a great player, but Brian Boitano is even greater.

No one will know.

We skimped on the hotel fees and slept outside.


Presley is angry and embarrassed.


Jerome is the one who shot Jelske.

The European Games 2015 took place in Baku.

I didn't ask you to do that.

Why did I do that?

The problem is these shoes don't fit very well.


The U.S. economy shrugged off the '87 Crash.


She was accused of being a heretic.

They had been away for two years and five months.

I often dream about you.

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That was a good one.

Have you been listening?

I gave the maid the day off.

Gilles is always the first one to complain.

There was a storm that night.


Her mother lives in the country all by herself.

Isn't everything beautiful?

Wanderlust is his name.

Lindsay heard someone knock on the door three times.

Kate lost Neil.

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This product is made in Italy.

What are your conditions?

He really caught my attention.

We have to go back to the train station.

She's a fine looking woman.


Stay away from that place.

They don't talk at all.

That's how Laurel won.

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Do you really want to be like Jerry?

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She became a woman.

Have you ever been to the Tokyo Dome?

What is it you want?

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Please tell me what we're doing here.

Where are you going to go?

There is little water left in the glass.

The doctor advised me to quit smoking.

Nancy has been on good terms with my sister for more than five years.

Hirotoshi told me that he was already married.

Griff looks like he's going to cry.

Foundations maintain the structure of the building.

Nothing's going to happen to you.

Don't interrupt our conversation.

I'm sorry, but you're wrong.


I cannot recall the words of the song.

I don't think he knows I love you.

I've been looking for Mohammad.

I miss you. I need to see you. Could I come over?

It sure scared me.


I should tell her to try it.