I really do want to get to know you better.

Do you know whether or not Del is going to swim?

Why don't I ever win?

Do you think Kieran will want to go with Denis?


Spy complained that the soup was not hot enough.


He was conspicuous by his absence.


I knew it would be hard.

This tea is too hot to drink.

The coffeepot is boiling.

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I gained a clear picture of how it works.

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Vistlik came here today by bicycle.

He has a fabulous reputation for his high integrity.

He raised his heel against me.


I sometimes hear rumors about her.

Greg goes by doggy years.

I sometimes visit my friends' homes.


Would you like to go on a trip with me?

I know Holly's work.

What happened affected my whole family.

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Have you told him what to do?

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Aren't you thirsty?

It's the soccer match tomorrow.

What happened to that friend of yours that you introduced me to last weekend?

I flatter myself that I'm the best golfer in the club.

The ship leaves for Honolulu tomorrow.


Instead of listening in class, I'm translating sentences.

He's a widower with three small children to take care of.

She's wearing sunglasses.

I know you're not like Ramneek.

All prices are subject to change.


Let's return to Japan together.

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It is strange that she should say such a thing.


Brenda and Adlai competed together in the three-legged race on sports day.

I really should have called.

It is no good waiting for him to come.

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I gave an answer to him with great difficulty.

Excuse me, do you speak English?

Daniel says he goes jogging three or four times a week.

We really do want to help Kirk.

This weed killer does not harm human beings.

Do you mind my making a suggestion?

We'll go to church this evening.

Bananas are energizing.

You gain more than you spend when you go to college.


I hope that you are not angry.


I just smiled.

I have no money to buy this dictionary.

It was snowing when I woke up.


She always looks happy.

I'm in the countryside.

I'm tired of people telling me what to do.


Can you advise me?


We can touch each other now.

Susan went down to the lobby to meet Barrio.

I haven't read the final page of the novel yet.


I haven't seen him for a good long time.

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Sehyo didn't think Lenora would catch a fish.


It was not by plane, but by ship, that I went to London.

The black telephone costs more than the white.

Don't you think it is rather warm for December?

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Maurice told me what you did.

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Vijay should be warned.

The other leaned against a tree hard by.

Gabriel turned the page.

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Gale reached for the sugar that was on the next table.

Do you know of any good Japanese movies to watch?

Stay and have a cup of coffee with me.

Sam is tall and lanky.

Of the three boys, Bill behaves most politely.

I don't agree and I will tell you why.

Can you take this stuff with you?


I need to know everything Edmund has done.

I didn't order rice.

Why have I been lied to?

What's that all about?

If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?


School being over, we went swimming in the pool.

She's getting married next month.

Would you please tell me what you see in him?

I don't understand Dutch. It's difficult.

Why don't you go see him?


I've never seen so many trees in my life.

Now I wish I was dead.

You can still see the remains of the fortress there.

This is homemade jam.

She won't be pleased.

This is an example of his translation.

Dominick thanked Rees for taking care of his dog.

I passed every single test.

I don't like Boston that much.

Did you know this?

I haven't read all of his novels.


This is your house.

James Gould found them in bees too.

Better solitude than the company of the wicked.


Can I buy a ticket for the concert here?


Where are you taking Juliet?

In my daily life I take care in various ways of my body so as not to damage my health.

You are German?

Pratapwant doesn't realize what Mikey wants from him.

Calina needs to go back to the doctor next week. And while I'm on the subject, don't forget to pick up her prescription on your way home from work.

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He does not have the money for buying a new car.

Who will be in charge of our class when Miss Smith leaves school?

She asked him questions.

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You're not a killer and neither am I.

How can I reach him?

Sriram saw his reflection in the mirror.

Harris could be anywhere by now.

Phillip is a spoiled little brat.

For a moment, he thought of going after the man.

When will your debt be paid?

She was too heavy on the perfume.

You promised that there would be plenty of hedgehogs in the village!

Have you ever heard her talk?

You shouldn't worry.

Rogue wants to spend time with Urs.

I came into a huge fortune.

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Haven't they spoken Arabic?

She went shopping with her friend.

I'm not sure if I'm ready for that.


I'm going to get some grub and I'll be back.

Douglas came over and helped me.

What's your favorite thing to have for supper?

Her penmanship is horrible.

He is not sitting on a bench.

I have to go to college.

Without education, you will always feel poverty.

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I'd like you to pay attention to what's going on.

We should talk about this.

OK, people, move along.

What kind of movie would you like to watch?

I will not hear of you going out alone after dark.


Who's been talking to him?

Is VAT included in the price?

Your speech was splendid.

It is wrong for a man to conceal things from his wife.

I tried to make friends.

She put off going to Mexico.

Kay is going through a midlife crisis.

Among other things, carats are a measure of gold's fineness.

You won't hurt Sho, will you?

I'm glad everything worked out.

Can I use my credit card?

They have climbed the highest mountains and walked on the floor of the seas.

Were you really kidnapped?


The mother took her child in her arms.

"Where's your coat, Father?" "I have sold it." "Why did you sell your coat?" "It was too warm."

Teach them how to make a salad.

Kirk wrote me from Australia.

I must admit that I don't like contemporary music much.

Go on and say it.

Jean-Pierre can't afford to buy even a used car.

Books are my best friends.

I wasn't honest with you.


We saw it all.

The war finally broke out.

I am going to shop.

Alejandro works at a bank.

I want to get out of here.


Don't press the wrong button.