I am tired of the work.

Novo accused me of stealing his grandfather's antique watch.

I haven't got the nerve to ask you for a loan.

Vicki said they were lucky.

I feel a yearning for the university.

Perhaps if you told us what you need, we could help.

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In 1986, the Soviet Union launched the Space Station Mir. During its 15 year lifetime, it was the largest space station to orbit the Earth.

He always drinks black coffee.

That sounds good.

He told her firmly to realize how serious her condition was.

She told a tale.

I didn't speak to Matti for months.

I think I know where Sugih might be.

Can you speak French well?

She made me wait for half an hour.


She is more pretty than beautiful.

Many people believe that Beverly and Sedat are secretly in love with each other.

Isabelle is hot.

It was a perfect day.

There must be another way.


A black SUV pulled up in front of the hotel.


While they were on vacation, their neighbors cared for their dog.

Cynthia is a crook.

I miss my girlfriend so much!

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But she is innocent!

I know we can do it.

I watched the car disappearing slowly around the corner.

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The raven croaked from the old yew-tree.

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Bob rushed into the classroom.


I like to observe people.


Please tell him to get rid of the dead leaves.


He is wearing a hat.

With the closure of the bridge, it will take a lot longer to get to the airport.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

I didn't expect his behavior to descend to such a disagreeable level.

Spock showed Jim the way.


Does your work interest you?

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What's bothering you?


If you want to speak in French in the United States, go to Louisiana.

As soon as he took the medicine, his fever went down.

I guess I could give it a try.

The captain commanded silence.

Hello, my friend! How are you?

What in the world are you getting at?

I had never seen such an exciting rugby match as one I saw yesterday.

Something unexpected has happened.

Bonnie is nowhere to be found.

Do you want to continue?

Christina wouldn't tell Jeff what his telephone number was.

What if someone kidnapped Lila? What would you do?

I didn't go to the park because it rained.

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I didn't actually forget my camera. I just didn't want to take pictures.


Kristian dances.

The temperature didn't make it any easier for us to go out on a trip.

Before the race, the runners have to warm up.

Tran's a loner who shuns close relationships.

Annie stabbed Merril thirteen times.


A century is one hundred years.

They don't want Seenu back.

Alexis said he'd look at it.

Stop screaming like a girl.

What do you think'll happen if you tell Lewis the truth?

It's been weeks since she's written.

The names of Mars' dogs are Fear and Terror; those of the villain in "Green Mansions," Greedy and Dirty.


The maid will clean the guest room.

Coming events cast their shadows before.

Fiona's letters gradually came less and less.

I'm starving.

It was a mistake.


I could hardly breathe.

I hope you didn't lend Lindsay any money.

They said they're hungry.

I think I might have a drinking problem.

Be sure to bring rain gear.

What did Vick think of Dustin?

Cindie didn't say who he'd gone with.

I'm sorry that I had been viewing you as a liar until just a few minutes ago.

Japanese shogi corresponds to chess.

I met her in Australia.

He knows better than to go there alone.


My grandpa is sick.

I am very dangerous.

That sounds funny to me.

I met him on the streets by chance after many years.

Where was Craig last weekend?

It was a great loss.

This should get interesting.


Teach me how to do that.


Now we know what happened.

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That computer is what we call a robot.


It rained hard all day.

If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.

You should always think before you speak.

My futon was peeled away.

I met her after work.

Anita has my email address.

It's a pity she couldn't come.

That man is on trial for the murder of a little girl.

You're up early today.

Believe me when I say that that's the last thing you should be worried about.

Let's take a rest for a while.

Hon was buried alive.

Did I hear you right?


I'd like to cooperate.

The rose gives off a sweet odor.

I don't have to excuse myself for what I said.

You brag more than a mouse on cheese.

We went to swim in the sea.

Clara didn't have to tell me everything.

It is wiser to make no reply to angry words.

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I hope you can avoid all the stupid mistakes that amateurs usually make.

We had losses with this job.

The majority of voters liked what Roosevelt said.

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This is a major crisis.

I think it impossible to deny the fact.

The kids, who were exhausted, fell asleep right away


The women longed to climb up the social ladder.

I thought you liked me.

I don't remember how to do this.


She's about my age.

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Nelken forgot to lock the back door.


I don't want dinner.

Of all the features that attract home buyers, location is probably the most important.

I'm surprised Real was even here.


Pope Francis sounded a bit like the Dalai Lama when he said: "I have come to the conclusion that whether or not a person is a religious believer does not matter much. Far more important is that they be a good human being."

Ramadoss is a real decent guy.

I just lost my job.

His car broke down in remote countryside.

As soon as the dog saw me, it began to bark.

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We stopped over in Los Angeles for two nights on the way to New Zealand.

Let me practice.

They paid their compliment to me.

That's why we didn't tell them.

Drowning men clutch at straws.

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This is a strange kind of fish.

Shakespeare created many famous characters.

Stanly was kicked out of school.


Do you want to try this?

They don't know their neighbors.

Only girls' shoes are sold here.

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We look forward to working more closely with you in the future.


Do you consider yourself wise, Caty?


I was raised eating Mexican food.


The system here works really well.

Mosur definitely seems to be interested in Norbert.

I have a request, though: Don't make the same mistakes that I did!

I thought it over and decided to tell Trey everything.

The logs flamed brightly.


Ti had a big fight with Kaj.

Speaking of Switzerland, have you ever been there in the winter?

He missed you.


Adolfo likes his new school, but really remembers his friends at his old school.


She isn't as energetic as she once was.

I want to become a singer.

When I came home, my father had already been there.


Could you give me an example?


Don't go in my room.