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The telephone rang, but no one answered.

My father's hobby is growing roses.

Hand me that box of pins.

That plan resulted with failure.

They were adopted.

I went to Australia in 2013.

My job is to forgive you, which I do.

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A defect was found in the water-cooling circuit.

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You'll always have a roof over your head.


Norman has been practicing.

We made way too many mistakes.

How many days does it usually take to get there?

That river quickly overflowed due to the downpour.

I have a collection of silver tea spoons from all over the world.


What do we need this for?

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Hartmann doesn't know who Rusty wants to give the bottle of wine to.


Some boys at school make fun of me.


Chip told Doyle that he would get revenge for his father's death.


I'm not very social, but I try to make an effort.

It has nothing to do with the subject we are discussing.

Jerry demanded to see the manager.


He went out to see a movie. How was the movie? Good.

I can't wait to tell her.

Ahmed avoided the question.

The Earth also rotates, or spins, on its axis. It takes one day to spin around one complete time.

Can't we break it?

We're going to have so much fun today.

This is a public place.

Then the young bird felt that his wings were strong, as he flapped them against his sides, and rose high into the air.

He was denounced as a coward.


What does it take to be a pilot?

I thought I was a fairly good swimmer.

I don't want to meet anyone for a while and I don't want to go outside either.

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Today at noon we'll eat cherries from Italy.

I'm still not sure what this is about.

How much bread do you eat every day?


Support the local enonomy while getting drunk!

"Where is my phone?" "It's on my desk."

Hienz must have heard our voices and escaped.

Why is he so popular?

I regret what happened to you.

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Don't interrupt them.

Sergiu is one of our top engineers.

The rumor spread all over the town.

Does it really matter which one of these I pick?

I want to be able to read French.

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They don't have a car.

Randall really has no other option.

Jeremy got more Christmas presents than me.

Don't blame the mistake on her.

How long will this rope hold?


It's what we've always dreamed of.

He denies having said so.

Konstantinos discovered that he had run out of money.

I'm delighted to see you.

I had a cup of tea to keep myself awake.

Louie isn't the only one who thinks we shouldn't be doing this.

That would help me decide.

Why was I never told?

The job is half done.


Who are the judges?

Tomas chased Eliot down the street.

How about adding some Worcestershire sauce?

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That's certainly one possibility.

I'll just have one drink.

Are you sure this is safe?

Gross national product is a nation's total output of goods and services as measured in monetary value.

Have you ever had a narrow escape?

That would be a wise decision.

After Carole dumped Tandy, she started seeing John.

We'll take care of the rest.

I respect your views.

She blushed when he praised her.

Are we going to be late?

I don't have a lot of money on me.

I never worried about her.


I asked him a difficult question.

Can you sing the Argentine National Anthem?

It's not a date or anything.

Is that a friend of yours?

The play was very amusing; you ought to have gone there.


Why is Val in such high spirits today?

I will not give them a refund. (I will not return their money to them).

He looked after our dog while we were out.

Get started.

What happens if we fail?

Sherman may use my video camera if he likes.

What else did you expect?

I called them today.

How many brothers have you got? How many sisters have you got?

My plan was eventually adopted.

Where do you want me to put these?

Charlie finally solved the puzzle.

We dated on and off through college.

What a big supermarket!

I want to say one thing.


Miltos mentioned the incident to Ragnar.

Tell him we don't want to go.

I have him on the line.

Do you like to exercise?

Please buy me this book.

She was beautiful and innocent.

I like both.

How long is the ride?

Let's get back to our sheep!

I overheard your conversation.

I want for you and me to be happy.

Where are you rushing off to?

We're friends now.


Wall Street has too many bulls and not enough bears.

Vadim may not have finished his homework yet.

I swerved to avoid hitting a skunk.

He has a small advantage.

Thank you so very much.


He didn't press her.

Srinivas is married to Leo, isn't he?

A telephone call from him is probable tonight.

Not everyone is as busy as you are.

Could I go play after reading this book?

I don't remember anymore.

I knew your father very well.

You could do worse.

Going to live abroad is a major decision.


Now let's go.

I know that you still love me.

Sam doesn't like working here.

This chair is in want of repair.

A part of this land is mine.


While they were all amusing themselves, a great sledge came by; it was painted white, and in it sat some one wrapped in a rough white fur, and wearing a white cap.

The taxi abruptly turned left.

It was just two weeks ago that Ken came to see me.

Omar doesn't think Hein is right.

We found a beam of light in the night sky.

The water was icy cold.

Think it over.

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Just give me the car keys.

I can swim fast.

As is often the case with educated people, he likes classical music better than popular music.


When did you get up?

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I won't lie to him.

I couldn't wait any longer.

Paul is a natty dresser.


My house is located in a convenient place - next to the train station.


He wears shoes but wears no socks.

The girl who's playing the piano is my sister.

That huge mammal is called an elephant.


He excelled in music even as a child.

No one survived the plane crash.

Who gave it to him?

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Americans simply had no desire to fight.


I wish I had learned French when I was a kid.


Adam disguised himself as a fireman.


Novo is trustworthy.

I wonder what Rajeev is going to do with his old motorcycle.

Gill loved his dog.

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Bucky was skeptical.

As the eyes of the old woman closed to earth, the eyes of the soul opened upon the hidden things of eternity.

"But how did you grow so quickly?" "That's a secret!"

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Kyung didn't know it was already after 2:30.

Are you getting a new car?

We were dating at the time.

Should anything happen in my absence, ask him for help.

The association of kiwi with New Zealand is so strong that 'Kiwi' is frequently used as a colloquial demonym for New Zealanders.